In the early 1900s, in montefalco, great-grandfather giuseppe cariani bought a few hectares of land where he planted vineyards, olive trees and grazed cattle to produce top-quality cheeses and meats.
His daughter angela follows him with much passion, trying to learn from her father the secrets and techniques for taking care of the land.

She married fortunato antonelli, a great cattle breeder, and together they cultivated the same family land. Their son giuseppe from his grandfather inherits, besides the name, the great passion for the land, for cultivation following the rhythms and principles of nature. In those acres the whole antonelli family has walked, breathed, worked, no one excluded. Even we grandchildren, danilo and sandra.
Today we are a farm with approximately 7 hectares of vineyards and olive groves as well as cereal cultivation. From the bond with tradition and hard work derive the skills, the continuous search for quality that today characterize danilo antonelli's cantina valdangius. Since 2010, it has been producing the hightest quality of wines and oil thanks to the great passion and respect fot the land of all family members, those with more experience and the young ones with so much enthusiasm and desire to learn more and more…
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